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Of Mice and Wrist Rests

Since I’m starting to experience symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome again, I’ve decided to get my self keyboard and mouse wrist rests by Fellowes. Seems to be helping a lot for now.

I’m still contemplating on what my main pointing device should be for my home setup. Currently, I’m using a Logitech VX Nano Cordless which can become a bit uncomfortable for longer periods of usage. I originally bought it as a portable mouse for my MBP so I don’t intend it to be my main pointing device. I’m thinking of getting a finger operated trackball — a Logitech Cordless Trackman Optical or a Kensington Expert Mouse (if I can find one in Singapore). When using a finger operated trackball, my finger movements would be similar to how I use the trackpad. I should get the hang of it quite fast. I’m currently using a Logitech Trackman Wheel at work and the joints of my thumb seem to be a bit more sore these days.  Or I might just go for a Microsoft Arc Mouse since it’s pretty and I can carry it around. Decisions, decisions, decisions.